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Form Title
7 (5310.12) – Application for License
7CR (5310.16) – Application for License (Collector of Curios and
8 (5310.11) – Federal Firearms License
5300.34 – Questionnaire for Responsible Persons
5300.36 – Notification of Intent to Apply for a Federal
Firearms License
5300.37 – Certification of Compliance with State and Local

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Fobus Thumb Break Roto Holsters (Right Handed) – Paddle or Belt Price: $49.95

AR-15 Rifle Slings : Parts4ar15
Mamba Fighting Sling – Fixed Code: SL-SPEC-MFSF Price: $59.95 Quantity in Basket: none

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AR-15 / M-16 / M-4 Midwest Carbine Length 2 Piece Aluminum 4 Rail Handguard Code: M-4_Midwest_Carbine_Length2Piece Price: $199.95 Quantity in Basket: none

AR-15 Accessories

Another good source of information is the ATF publication, “Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide” ATF P 5300.4 (10-95). It contains the GCA, NFA, and the regulations promulgated under those laws, as well as other useful information. Unlike the old “Red Book”, (this has a yellow cover), this one has the Crime Bill, and Brady law in it. It also has the Brady regulations, and the interim Crime Bill regulations. ATF also publishes a compilation of state laws, “State Laws and Published Ordinances-Firearms”, ATF P 5300.5 (10/94). Both are free from ATF. To get forms, or the books, you can write to ATF Distribution Center, PO Box 5950, Springfield, VA 22150-5950. Or phone them at (703) 455-7801. Or your local ATF office should be able to supply them also.


Twist-on Competition Muzzle Brake : Parts4SKS
Twist-on Competition Muzzle Brake. The Twist-on competition SKS muzzle brake is the most effective SKS muzzle brake available today. It easily installs on the rifle barrel by …

ACE Case – 42″ Rifle Case for SKS models with wood stock : Parts4SKS
ACE Case – 42″ Rifle Case for SKS models with wood stock: Quantity in Basket: None Code: ARC-WC42 Price: $49.95

Ruger 10/22 Accessories
Ruger 10/22 Accessories : Parts 4 Ruger 10/22: – Stocks, Accessories, Barrels, Magazines, Sights & More

SKS Cheek Rest : Parts4SKS
SKS Cheek Rest. Put the finishing touch on your customized SKS, and improve comfort too. Perfect for scoped SKS’s with the Ultralight Stock

SKS Weaver Type Mount Plate For 5th Gen High Profile Mount : Parts4SKS
SKS Weaver Type Mount Plate For 5th Gen High Profile Mount: Quantity in Basket: None Code: MNT-641 Price: $19.95

Tapco SKS T6 Adjustable Stock w/Spike Bayonet Cut – Black : Parts4SKS
Tapco SKS T6 Adjustable Stock w/Spike Bayonet Cut – Black: Quantity in Basket: None Code: SKS_T6_AdjustableStockwSpikeBayonetCut-Black Price: $99.95

SKS Trigger Job (VHS Video) : Parts4SKS
SKS Trigger Job (VHS Video) Quantity in Basket: None Code: SKS_Trigger_Job Price: $29.95

SKS Handguard : Parts4SKS
SKS Handguard. Matches the custom stocks and many others. 33% glass filled nylon, black.

SIG516: Sig Sauer enters the AR-15 market! | The Firearm Blog
You saw it here first! I had no idea that Sig Sauer were making AR-15 / M16 rifles but my DSEi spy spotted this prototype **SIG516** PDW at the DSEi 09 expo.